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Keep your home cool this summer!

First-time homeowners often take a few months to acclimate themselves to the costs of owning a property after the home buying process is over. During the hot summer months, keeping bills low while keeping the house cool can be challenging for new owners. However, there are several ways new owners can stick to their budgets and keep utilities low while simultaneously keeping their homes cool.

Enjoy the great outdoors

Common household tasks, such as cooking, baking and doing laundry expend a great deal of heat during the day. This often prompts owners to keep the air conditioning running longer to keep their homes cool. Instead, individuals can use the heat of the outdoors to their advantage. Suspend baking during the summer and start enjoying the grill to make lunches and dinners. Grilled meats and vegetables also go great around cold salads, pastas and fruits, and consumers may lower their bills at the same time. In addition, homeowners can reduce the use of their dryers by hanging clothing on a drying line outside.

Insulate the home

Before turning up the air conditioning, homeowners should consider all of the alternative – and free – methods for cooling down a home. For example, purchasing new heavy curtains to block out the sun can keep the sun’s heat from entering the home, according to Good Housekeeping. In addition, purchasing box fans and strategically placing them around the home can create a cross breeze. Homeowners with ceiling fans can also help circulate cool air by running them counterclockwise. Further, keep air vents clear of debris and clean. Dirty vents restrict cool air flow, which translates into a longer time necessary to cool the home.

Consumers who are working all day can also invest in a programmable thermostat that only kicks in before individuals arrive home from work. This can prevent them from running the air conditioning throughout the day when no one is home to enjoy it.

Turn off lights

Light bulbs give off more heat that some may think, so keeping them turned on in several rooms will not only increase energy bills, but also make the home warmer. Homeowners should get in the habit of keeping all lights turned off when they are unnecessary.

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